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"PTK" We are a small group of like minded individuals that teamed up years and years ago (back in the good ole days) with the right equipment, various licenses, knowledge, and most importantly ample experience related to the locksmithing and security industry, and in the pentesting world in general. With the help and guidance from the true pioneers of the physical pentesting world, we took their knowledge and information and did something no one else had done previously.. which was simply putting together carefully selected keys and producing purchasable sets. Using our existing careers and skill we were the first to supply versatile key sets you could undeniably depend on, and releasing them to the pentesting community and beyond for a fraction of what it costs to aquire each key individually.


It has been and alwys will be an adventure and an absolute honor supporting and taking part in the Pentesting community.


Licesened locksmith, buy with absolute confidence!




We are extremely excited to announce that we are finally in the process of getting ready to launch our new and improved site layout, as well as release and offer an absolute ton more so be sure to check back soon and frequently to see what we have had in store for the pentesting community for quite some time.


We are going to first allocate our time to finally add hundreds more keys and a ton more specialized and specific key sets... with a ton more options, customizables, and add-ons.


Then will be releasing for purchase some of our favorite gear and every day carry products that we have come accross and refined in all the years we have been involved in the general security industry.


Also to be included in the vision we have for the very near future of our shop, is not to offer just keys, gear, and EDC items.. but gadgets, gizmos, tech, and tools. The kind of which are extremely effective, potent, and powerful... and with power of course comes the demand of great responsibility when using / owning them.


Once the above has been more or less achieved, we will update the layout of the site and completely give it a makeover allowing us and the users of our site a lot more features and accessibilty. 


We will also be freely releasing our personal cache of relavent resources, how-to's, manuals, links, programs and anything in between that we think would be helpful to the pentesting world, both physical and on the cyber side of things.


We can get our hands on just about anything, so if it hasn't been released and you don't see it listed (keys, gadgets, resources, links, etc) just give us a shout and we will see what we can do for you.




We are also open to anyone who has questions about just about anything relative to the pentesting world, so don't hesitate to ask as we have a wealth of knowledge and inforamtion that we will be happy to share with you. -- If you have any ideas, comments, or anything you'd like to see added to our site (specific keys, tools, gadgets, etc), it would be greatly apprecited if you would give us a shout and let us know.


We are looking to transform this site into a true one stop shop for just about everything related to the general world of pentesting, so any insight or ideas would not only be appreciated but rewarded!